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    Tattoos were a historic part of the tribal culture in the Philippines. Although in recent times, it was improperly linked with criminals.

    The tattoo is also known for its general term called “Batok.” But due to its widespread practice, it was also translated into various Cordilleran languages.

    During pre-colonial and early Spanish colonial periods, tattoos were interpreted as more than just a body decoration. Depending on the region, tattoos were seen as a sign of bravery, a symbol of social standing, and a rite of passage.

    Visayan warriors who were covered with tattoos were called Pintados. Each tattoo etched on the fighters’ bodies, according to Ocampo, symbolizes social class and bravery.

    In contrast to how tattoos were described in the self-learning module, the art of tattoo embodies an important chunk of the Philippine culture and history.

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